Designed for ice fishermen with the experience gained by an ice fisherman. No corporate gimmicks or "big box" construction, the Big Bite Ice RVT (recreational vehicle trailer) was designed and created from thousands of hours of actual ice time by an avid sportsman who knows how an ice RVT should be engineered and built.

It all starts with heavyduty, meticulously handcrafted construction. No assembly line spinoffs here. Each piece of your dream ice RVT is carefully and painstakingly manufactured and assembled by hand. That means you will spend the years to come in your home away from home worrying NOT about your home away from home, but about what jig the walleye are currently biting on. When they start to bite, you'll appreciate the thought put into the unique hole pattern found in no other ice RVT. Comfortable. Practical. Designed with both the serious and casual ice fisherman in mind. Go ahead and take a look. We dare you to find a better ice RVT - or a better value - on the ice.


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